Diy Clothes Racks : Modern Clothing Storage Ideas

January 10, 2017 | By Rine | Filed in: Design Ideas.

Most of us challenged to organize the clothing into closer space. The hustle and bustle of us make the organized clothes inside the wardrobe or closet just clutters. Its somehow feels impossible to get dressed easier with organized closet. Additional items should be added to your room now is corner clothes racks. A little bit different with usual racks, the corner clothes racks is practical, avoid sacrifice space, quick and ease to access, even the it save up corner space into something more useful.
Corner Clothes Rack
Hang a clothing rack in the corner. Use two strong cord to hang a wooden stick then you are done to have hanging clothes rack. Its add space to hang clothes, the corner gain function, easier our daily life and it’s a win-win solution, right?
Pipe Clothing Rack Diy
Modify the previous wooden material with reclaimed wood, paint it in white then hang them to be clothes rack. Reclaimed wood, branches for example could give define shape. Keep the branches so you’ll get layer. One side to hang clothes, shorter side to hang watch, necklace or bracelet.

Industrial feel clothes rack hanger made from stainless steel that pain in black looks inspirative. Gold accent on the top of the notch add a little blink or glam. Girly addition for girl’s room. Explore more about these shape by change stainless steel material into pipe. You’ll got similar industrial feel but in different way.

Are you ready to practice tricks and win-win solution?

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