16 Bathroom Storage Ideas : Closet Shelving

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What does your bathroom look like? Is it have ample storage or doesn’t have enough storage? Bathroom with ample storage full of complete supplies is the dream bathroom. But how could make it if doesn’t have enough space basically?

Today, we are going to share about closet shelving. While storage are about place to store and drawers are space to make up, closet shelving accommodates them. Let’s see the situation and get trickier.

In fact, if the bathroom is particularly small, having storage is a big challenge. Its lucky to have basic storage to store towels or maybe small space for make up. Maximizing every inches is the only answer. Use built in storage and always consider the aim of every storage functions. Storage with sink or under sink storage and mirror is preferable. Note to choose bright color or neutral ones.

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Built in storage has been develop and here we introduce built in drawers that make a lot of space for items like hair styling products, make up products and many more. Lots of storage make it more organized, details and purposeful.

Next we have open shelving under sink. This is simpler even us could DIY and vary them. the shelving under sink could barely racks or modify with baskets or one of a kind.

Bathroom closet in maximize storage below is the max way to make every inches count. Though the size are larger but it effective in many ways. For smaller bathroom, it accommodates anything, or larger room, it make the room focus. What makes the maxi storage special is every space is purposeful, perfectly considered and organized. Just by having bathtub, sink, mirror and maxi closet shelving then you are done to have complete bathroom.

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