10 Awesome Bar Stools for Modern Kitchen

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Kitchen is a space that we used to spend more time in. Gather with family members, cook for daily living or just for enjoying time with a cup of tea. Considering of that,

1. Series 7 Stool
Stool designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955 below has gorgeous silhouette with four stainless steel legs. This stylish stool is minimalist and very ideal for contemporary kitchen available in many color options and hues, the stools will reach your expectation.

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2. Onda Stool
Designed by Jesus Gasca in 2006, the Spanish touch Onda stool shows geometric contrast between modern and well defined lines. Its clean look somehow looks eclectic, vintage but modern also, very perfect with the kitchen in yellow theme accentuated by aqua blue.

3. LEM Piston Stool
Strong modern impression gave by LEM Piston stool that allow us to set the height whether its for counter stool height or bar stool height. Available in steel or wood version of stool.

4. Bertoia Stool
Classy and different bar stool from Bertoia stool will complement your taste in elegant and chic way. The thin legs structures strong enough to make it stand and the low back comfortable to relax with a cup of tea.

5. Bombo Bar Stool
An instantly smile and eye catcher, Bombo bar stool very vivacious and timeless glam. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, the bombo bar stool show Italian design with retro and industrial touch in urban way. The vibe created will keep away boredom.

6. Cherner Stool
Having monochrome palette like all white concept seems elegant but plain if not be careful. Touch up the plainness with detailed and attractive furnishing like cherner stool. Created by Nroman Cherner, the cherner stool has iconic, lightweight and sturdy shape. Its strong curvy silhouette is just dominant.

7. Emeco Navy Stool
Crafted specifially for the US Navy in the 1944, the stool ultimate comfort, durable and the navy look. Designed for the country servant, the stool has patriotic image og red, white and blue colors. Nowadays, the color is available in wide range options, not only three flag colors.

8. Jamaica Stool
The ultimate ergonomic and simply industrial modern Jamaica stool will go perfectly with industrial themed. Metal is the best complement for Jamaica stool.

9. Fjord Stool
Consistently promise opulence, sculptural and visual appeal, Fjord stool will fascinate the user and prior comfort.

10. Radius Stool
Scandinavian touch stool is the impression of radius stool. Have four legs, back and seating pad, the stool strong and stylish. Its elegant curves, minimal and effortlessly classy will steal the attention.

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